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Full Stack Developer (M/W/D)

V_labs ist ein Company Builder mit Standorten in Wien, Dornbirn und Budapest. Wir bauen Startups für renommierte Unternehmen oder für uns selber, meist mit einem digitalen Schwerpunkt. Und wir wachsen. Deshalb suchen wir Talente, die motiviert sind, mit uns gemeinsam größer zu werden und die nächste bahnbrechende Idee in Form eines Startups umzusetzen.
FAIA place ist unser gemeinsames Start-up mit dem österreichischen Pellets-Pionier Herbert Ortner. Gemeinsam wollen wir umweltschädliche Gas-Öfen auf Terrassen ablösen, indem wir Menschen für unsere klimafreundlichen Ambientefeuer begeistern. Damit wir auch an langen Terrassenabenden auf zu hundert Prozent erneuerbare Energie setzen können.
nuffinz ist ein Fashion/Lifestyle Startup mit Sitz in Vorarlberg. Wir wollen mit den bequemsten Männer-Shorts der Welt den Markt erobern.
Du hast Lust, ein aufstrebendes Lifestyle-Startup groß zu machen? Du interessierst dich für Slow-Fashion und das Internet ist deine zweite Heimat? Wunderbar, dann komm an Board, komm zu NUFFINZ!
findea steht für finde Antworten. Aktuell suchen wir keine Antworten, vielmehr aber motivierte Mitarbeiter für das Corporate Start-up findea, das aus einem Company Building Projekt der Raiffeisenlandesbank Oberösterreich und V_labs entstanden ist. 
At V_labs, we build companies, support corporates in building their own start-ups from scratch, and implement innovation projects. Our team currently consists of 29 people and we are located in Vienna, Dornbirn and Budapest. Most of our software development work takes place in the Budapest office.

What do we work on and how?

The majority of our projects seek to solve problems for our clients that will allow them to try out new business models and start-up approaches and be able to build a new product portfolio in the next 5–10 years. With interdisciplinary teams consisting of innovation managers, UX/UI designers, marketers, developers, and testers, we can take on this entire process from the idea phase all the way to the realization of a final product. In order to work effectively in this market, our medium-term goal is to put together our own OEM product package with which we can shorten the market entry cycle for products. The length of our projects typically ranges from 6 weeks to 12 months.

Technology & Devices:

On the mobile side, we opted for Flutter. On the CI/CD end, we utilize Bitriset and Github actions with fastlane. When it comes to frontend web processes, we primarily use React whilst experimenting with Flutter web. For web hosting, we work with AWS S3+CloudFront or Netlify. If a separate CI/CD is required, we also use Github Actions. On the backend, we use Go or Node.js. We primarily make GraphQL APIs for the most part, but we don’t turn up our noses at REST either. We run the services that we create in AWS ECS/EKS either as Lamda or Docker depending on the project. When integrating multiple services, we use GraphQL federation in most cases.

For databases, we use MySQL, MongoDB or DynamoDB. A couple of our “Legacy” projects can also be found on Heroku. These tools are our bread and butter, but we always select the most efficient technology based on the project and the task at hand.

We work on Macbook Pros with external monitors. We write code in VS Code or in IntelliJ IDEA, and for joint work, we use either Tuple or simply Google Meet.


_ An open, T-shape (full stack, reimagined) type with a confident level of English language knowledge.

_ You have had at least 3–6 live project experiences where you have been involved in the frontend, backend, and operations. Bonus points if you have led one of them!

_ You have mobile development experience.

_ You don’t mind if you have to learn a new programming language like Dart (Flutter) or Go.

_ You won't be intimidated by the AWS console and docker containers.

_ You know yourself, what you know with confidence, and also where there are blind spots in your knowledge.

_ You are a team player that likes to pass on knowledge and discuss topics.

_ You are no stranger to pair programming, and you know how to manage your time effectively.


DEIN profil


Recruitment process

1. Screening interview “chemistry check”

2. Technical interview

3. Formal offer

“4.” The probationary period is earnestly treated as a trial period

Note: Most interviews will take place remotely, in English.

Salary range

With experience: 800 000 Ft - 2 000 000 Ft (gross amount). Hungarian work contract—no KATA (independent contractor status), cash envelopes under the table, or Bitcoin here ;-)

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