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We are a team of innovation experts and combine know-how from the fields of IT, consulting, sales, design, marketing and communication. We want to make a difference with a passion for new technologies and trends.

Pascal Grosskopff, MSc

Innovation Consultant & Partner

Energy & Environment

Boku Wien

Lancaster University

Innovative & Sustainable Businesses

Sports, Life Hacks, Wood Work, Gardening

Family, Friends & Fun

Viktor Penzinger, MSc

Venture Manager

International Management / CEMS


Business Model Explorer

Entrepreneurial Education

Podcasts & Playlists

Avid Sports Fan

Maximilian Langer, MSc

Venture Manager

Strategic Entrepreneurship

Rotterdam School of Management

Company Builder


DJ & Music

Beachvolleyball & Cycling

Elise Eydner, MA

Innovation Consultant

Business Development/ Product &  Start-Up Management

University of Applied Science Aalen

Innovation Method Guru

Circular Economy & System Thinking

Road Trips & Camping

Fascinated about Sports & Nature