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About V_labs

We build corporate start-ups and create digital growth and innovation

As Austria’s leading company builder and partner for innovation we accompany our clients from the idea in its infancy till the rollout. We combine the strengths that corporates bring to the table with the dynamics and agility of start-ups.
We are a team of experienced entrepreneurs, venture managers, innovation consultants, design and marketing experts, and IT developers. We believe that with the right business model, combined with tried and tested methods, we can successfully scale company building projects and introduce them to the market faster and more successful.
We accompany our clients through the brainstorming phase, the validation of new business models as well as their implementation. We offer all the services needed for this, including innovation consulting, UX/UI design, prototyping of digital solutions, and the development of a targeted marketing strategy.

From Start-up to
Corporate Company Builder

V_labs itself was created out of a start-up in 2016. The founders of the start-up ETHUS, a successful online B2B marketplace for energy efficiency, were approached by an energy supplier asking them for advice and their start-up experience to help with one of their own innovation projects. The founders accepted the offer and this turned out to be V_labs’ first company building project.
This was followed by many other projects in various sectors such as the energy industry, construction and real estate, finance, and manufacturing.
The offices in Vienna and Dornbirn were joined by a third location in Budapest in early 2020, where the focus has been mainly on the IT development of company building projects. By now, the V_labs team has expanded to over 20 people – and is growing steadily.
Map of Austria and Hungary showing V_labs three office locations.

The V_labs Philosophy:
How We’re Wired

Unser Auftritt und unsere V_labs Philosophie
We’ll wear shirts today and suits tomorrow and can handle a hackathon as well as a board meeting – no problem. We act, think business, and treat every venture like it was our own. Simply put: there’s passion and dedication in everything we do.

We are pragmatic. Instead of expending our energies overdeveloping a concept on the drawing board, we put it into practice with real users and digital prototypes. We do all of this as leanly as possible, utilising existing resources efficiently. We love the intellectual challenge just as much as experimenting.

Putting a name to our methodology, we would say Service Design, Lean Start-up, and Agile Management. The client comes first, and the choice of technology follows. Our clients are our partners and we’re satisfied only by top quality.

You don’t believe us?

Here’s the proof: We shoulder some of the risk with our company building projects ourselves and hold shares of our clients’ ventures!
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