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company building

We build start-ups
For corporates, SMEs and for us

We implement radical innovation with start-ups outside of existing structures. We create solutions, refine concepts, find the right business model, test the ideas with real customers and offer the workforce required. From the conceptualisation of the business model to the realisation of the IT and the marketing rollout, we help build your start-up from scratch. We don’t act as mere service providers, but look at things from the founders’ perspective, alongside our clients.
company building in detail

Innovation consulting


We conceptualise, accompany and support innovation processes. Our offers range from single initiatives around one novel idea to the design of innovation setups that spread across the whole corporation. Here, we get to pass on our founder expertise and utilise agile methods to help innovative teams.
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Leistungen Rapid Prototyping V_labs

Rapid Prototyping

We turn a first idea into a digital prototype that’s ready to be used

From a vague idea for a business model we’ll create a digital prototype to validate and develop a concept. Our UI/UX designers and IT developers rely on standardised building blocks and frameworks as well as agile software development methods that enable quick and efficient implementation.

business model innovation

We help you master the
digital transformation

We ensure that existing business models remain competitive whilst we identify new areas of growth. In most cases, digital components are the key to this. We analyse current business models and nudge the enterprise in the right direction to thrive in future environments. However, V_labs is more than a classic business model innovator. We don’t stop at the concept; we also enjoy executing and marketing the ideas.
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Leistungen Market Validation V_labs

Market Validation

We check the market potential
of ideas

We conduct online marketing tests to find out whether there is positive feedback for new business models, digital product ideas, or prototypes. Where others may still be writing business plans, we’ll have already generated useful market data without revealing the whole business model to potential customers. We evaluate which channels best reach which target groups.

Digital Marketing

Digital Success Through Effective Online Marketing

For company building and innovation projects, we carry out digital marketing measures in order to roll out new business models on a broad basis. To do this, we use marketing measures from the areas of performance marketing, social media marketing, content marketing, classic search engine marketing (SEO & SEA) and growth hacking.
Leistungen Digital Marketing V_labs
Leistungen Full Stack Developement V_labs

Full Stack Development

Digitalisation Projects
& App Development

The development of digital prototypes, the digitisation of customer interfaces, app development and the support of clients who want to serve their customers even better with digital offers are among the strengths of our in-house full-stack IT development team. The cross-platform technologies used (e.g. Flutter) and the microservice approach help us realise projects efficiently and in a focused way.