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We are a team of innovation experts and combine know-how from the fields of IT, consulting, sales, design, marketing and communication. We want to make a difference with a passion for new technologies and trends.
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Krisztian Tamas, MSc

Full Stack Developer

Full Stack Developer
Eötvös Loránd University
Physics, Maths
Hiking, Gym

Szilvia Szőke

Full Stack Developer

Sociology  &  Full Stack Development

Eötvös Loránd University &  Progmatic Academy

Yoga & meditation



Olivia Ludkiewicz, MA

UX Designer

Communication Design

University of Applied Sciences Joanneum Graz

Politecnico di Milano

Illustrations, Research

Foodie, cooking, fashion

Always up for a glass of wine

Szilard Racz, MSc

Full Stack Developer

Computer Science

Budapest University of Technology

Kubernetes, Cloud, Microservices

Gym, Football

Table soccer, Chess

Dr. Lukas Meusburger, MSc

Managing Partner

Economics, Strategy & Innovation


Full Stack Company Builder

Developer of New Approaches to Corporate Innovation

Alpinist & Climber

Red Wine & Espresso

Marcel Grosskopff, MA MSc

Managing Partner

Business Information, Entrepreneurship, Innovation

University of Liechtenstein, University of St. Gallen (HSG)

Strategy, Innovation and Technology

Make tech innovation happen

Mountaineering, Ski-Touring, Sailing

Outside is the best side

Mag. Georg Frick, MA

Managing Partner

Economics & Finance; Political Sciences

University York, University of Vienna, Complutense Madrid

Full Stack Company Builder

Transition from Prototypes to Scaleable Products

Fly Fishing

Chess & Italo Disco

Pascal Grosskopff, MSc

Innovation Consultant & Partner

Energy & Environment

Boku Wien

Lancaster University

Innovative & Sustainable Businesses

Sports, Life Hacks, Wood Work, Gardening

Family, Friends & Fun

Peter Varga, BSc

Managing Partner of Technology

Computer Science

Digital Product Development, Startups, Apps, Cloud

Distributed Systems, Scalability, Realtime Data, IoT


Cooking, Crossfit, DJ

Alexander Reinalter, MA

Product Designer

Product Design

FH Joanneum Graz

Visual Allrounder


Hobby-Artist, Musician, Cook

Mountains & Sports

Isabella Egger, MSc

Digital Marketing Manager

Social Media & Content Marketing

Strategic Management & Marketing

University of Vienna

Social Media Expert

Entrepreneurship, Innovation & Psychology

Sports Enthusiast & Bookworm

Anna Piesinger, MSc

Digital Marketing Manager

Performance Marketing & Google Ads

Digital Business Management


Google Marketing Universe

Food & Fine-Dining-Lover

Standard & Latin Dance

Viktor Penzinger, MSc

Venture Manager

International Management / CEMS


Business Model Explorer

Entrepreneurial Education

Podcasts & Playlists

Avid Sports Fan

Maximilian Langer, MSc

Venture Manager

Strategic Entrepreneurship

Rotterdam School of Management

Company Builder


DJ & Music

Beachvolleyball & Cycling

Elise Eydner, MA

Innovation Consultant

Business Development/ Product &  Start-Up Management

University of Applied Science Aalen

Innovation Method Guru

Circular Economy & System Thinking

Road Trips & Camping

Fascinated about Sports & Nature

Sophie Fletzer, MSc

Innovation Consultant

Entrepreneurship, Innovation & Management

University of Nottingham

Innovation Journey Companion

Creative Problem Solving

Delivery service expert

Passionate city stroller

David Papp, MSc

Full Stack Developer

Computer Science

Budapest University of Technology

Cross Platform Development

Sports (Volleyball, Football)

Board Games

Bettina Beinl

Management Assistant

Economics & Human Resources

HAK Wr. Neustadt & WIFI Wien

Chief Recruiting Officer

Feelgood Management

Shinrin-Yoku / Forest Bathing

Hobby Interior Designer

Annabel Hotz

Management Assistant

Administration & Finance

HLW Rankweil

Happiness Manager & Allrounder

Photography, Media & Design

Languages & Travelling

Baking Expert