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Company Building
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Starting Point

ÖkoFEN, an Upper Austrian industrial enterprise focused on producing pellet heating systems, have developed a completely novel lifestyle product: a pellet patio stove. The problem: The patio stove doesn’t fit the existing brand and sales structure and the necessary setup for online sales is lacking.
In the Heat of Company Building
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V_labs Approach

Within two months we created a new brand and e-commerce solution with the help of a classic MVP. Over the course of the following four months the pure B2C direct online distribution of the high-end patio stove was tested under the name of the more clearly targeted brand FAIA. During this process, the economic efficiency and performance of the chosen digital supply channels as well as different target groups were put to the acid test. Sales numbers of the MVP were so promising that after a 6-month trial period, we agreed together with the company ÖkoFEN to found FAIA as an independent Ltd.
  • services
  • Shared responsibility / participation in the risk (e.g. in the form of shares)
  • Provision of the operational start-up team
  • Focus on long-term profitability and scalability
  • Formulating, testing, validating own market hypotheses
  • Pivoting: realignment of the business model if necessary
  • Agency
  • V_Labs


FAIA Terrassenofen Ambientefeuer auf der Terrasse

Brand & advertising concept

Independent company with its own team

Expansion of the product range

Profitability reached within the first fiscal year

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