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Raiffeisen Landesbank Oberösterreich has a very extensive (analogue) network from which Raiffeisen customers in particular benefit. Raiffeisen had the idea to make this network available digitally to a larger target group and to develop a business model from it.
Development of a digital business network
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V_labs supported Raiffeisenlandesbank Oberösterreich in validating and sharpening the problem and idea. In the course of several design sprints, prototypes were developed and validated with potential customers. Based on very positive feedback, it was decided to implement the concept.Consequently, V_labs implemented findea together with RLB Oberösterreich, outside the group structures, as an own start-up. Within 6 months, a first version of the digital platform was developed. In cooperation with the RLB project team, we were able to bring all our competences into the project: From the development of CI/CD and brand to UX/UI design, IT development, conception of the digital service and business model to extensive online and offline marketing. The launch of the platform took place in stages: First in-house within the RLB, then it was opened to all the Raiffeisen banks in Upper Austria. In this phase, already more than 2,000 users were on-boarded. Since December 2021, we have been addressing the third-party market and are pleased about the very rapid user growth!

What is findea all about?

At findea, everything revolves around solving challenges - challenges in the users' everyday work. No matter if a user is looking for a special IT tool, a tax advisor or new approaches for job interviews: Other findea users like to share their insights and earn coins for it. Almost every challenge receives several high-quality answers within hours.


A digital solution that addresses the gap between social media, intranet and knowledge management

A successful launch with many active users from day 1 and strong user growth in succession

An independent business model in the form of Enterprise Sales SAAS- independent from existing company structures

Successful rollout to all Raiffeisen banks in Upper Austria & opening to all companies throughout Austria

Establishment of an own team around the corporate start-up findea

A picture of the findea launch event showing people on stage.

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