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As a company builder we implement radical innovation outside of existing structures, create concepts, test ideas, realise and take on a founders’ perspective whilst doing so.
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We pass on our experience as founders ON to innovative teams

We conceptualise, accompany and support innovation processes. Our offer ranges from single initiatives around one novel idea to the design of innovation setups that spread across the whole corporation. We get to pass on our founder expertise and utilise agile methods to help innovative teams.
Leistungen Innovation Consulting V_labs
Leistungen Market Validation V_labs

We check the market potential of ideas

We conduct online marketing tests to find out whether there is positive feedback for new business models, digital product ideas, or prototypes. Where others may still be writing business plans, we’ll have already generated useful market data without revealing the whole business model to potential customers. We evaluate which channels best reach which target groups.
Leistungen Rapid Prototyping V_labs

We turn a first idea into a digital prototype that’sready to use

From a vague idea for a business model we’ll create a digital prototype to validate and develop a concept. Our UI/UX designers and IT developers rely on standardised building blocks and frameworks as well as agile software development methods that enable quick and efficient implementation.

We help you master the digital transformation

We ensure that existing business models remain competitive whilst we identify new areas of growth. In most cases, digital components the key to this. We analyse current business models and nudge the enterprise in the right direction to thrive in future environments. However, V_labs is more than a classic business model innovator. We don’t just stop at the concept; we enjoy realising and marketing our ideas.
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Leistungen Full Stack Developement V_labs

Digitalisation Projects, Rapid Prototyping &Application Development

One of the strengths of our in-house full-stack IT dev team is the development of digital client interfaces and applications, rapid prototyping, and the accompaniment of clients that aim to provide better digital service to their customers. The cross-platform technologies we use (e.g. Flutter) help us realise projects efficiently and in a focused way.

Digital Success Through Effective Online Marketing

Not only do we provide digital marketing tests in the market validation phase, but we also offer our clients digital marketing measures such as social media marketing, content marketing, classic search engine marketing (SEO & SEA) and growth hacking, both independently and as part of company building and innovation projects.
Leistungen Digital Marketing V_labs

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V_labs is Austria’s leading Company Builder supporting corporates building their own start-ups from scratch and implementing innovation projects quickly and without fuss.
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We are a team of innovation experts that combine expertise in IT, consulting, sales, design, marketing, and communication. We’re passionate about harnessing new technologies and trends to make a real impact.

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Marcel Grosskopff, MA MSc

Managing Partner

Business Information, Entrepreneurship, Innovation

University of Liechtenstein, University of St. Gallen (HSG)

Strategy, Innovation and Technology

Make tech innovation happen

Mountaineering, Ski-Touring, Sailing

Outside is the best side

Renáta Vér

International Management & Economic

Budapest Business School & Hof University of Applied Sciences

Human Resources & Recruiting, Finance, Well-Being Concepts

Family & Fun

Reading, Cycling, Tennis

Szilvia Szőke

Full Stack Developer

Sociology & Full Stack Development

Eötvös Loránd University & Progmatic Academy  

Yoga & meditation



Maximilian Langer, MSc

Senior Venture Manager

Strategic Entrepreneurship

Rotterdam School of Management

Company Builder


DJ & Music

Beachvolleyball & Cycling

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Here you can find news from the V_labs universe, white papers, intriguing articles about the industry, event updates, videos, and lots more. There’s definitely something for you in our magazine.
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How to build a world class team: Recruiting & Staffing for corporate start-ups

More and more corporates conduct company building. In the initial phase, they usually rely on existing corporate staff or external resources. After a successful proof of concept and with the start of the roll-out, the establishment of an independent team begins, which must now be recruited. This recruiting of a completely new team usually poses great challenges for the parent company.
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Viva la no-code

Software development is a diligent craft that results in numerous lines of code. This is especially unsuitable for company building, where a quick turnaround in testing prototypes with clients is crucial. A traditional software development project runs the risk of needing investment in lots of resources before the launch of the MVP. The solution for this issue is now supposed to be provided by so-called ‘no-code platforms’.
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Sustainability measurement as an opportunity - focus on ESG standards

The topic of sustainability is booming like never before. Ignoring this important issue is now no longer an option for most companies. Particularly, since the European Commission published a draft for revised guidelines for corporate sustainability reporting in April, representing an enormous challenge for many companies.
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How about us?

Do you want to join our team? We’re always looking for talents that are eager to grow with us. Check out the opportunities we are currently offering.

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