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Starting Point

SanusX develops new business models in the health sector, one focus being on “Mental Health”. For this area, the business, which was founded in 2020 by the UNIQA enterprise, developed an entirely novel digital tool that can help you track, reflect on and improve your own mental health.
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V_labs Approach

V_labs supported the team at SanusX throughout this process and helped develop an initial product idea into a testable digital prototype in the shape of the beta app JustOneLife. In addition to the IT development we could contribute our expertise in creating digital business models, designing UX and online marketing. We supported the brand building process with the help of targeted online marketing testing campaigns. From the very beginning, the product team of SanusX have been structuring JustOneLife in a way that allows for expansion towards wellbeing at any given time, which can be seen in the interface-compatible architecture of the IT chosen. This ensured that JustOneLife would be able to develop into a holistic consumer engagement platform.


Successful market test with own landing page and over 16,000 participants in phase 1

Fully functioning beta version of a mental health app

professional social media online marketing campaign via facebook, instagram and linkedin

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