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How to build a worlds class team: Recruiting & Staffing for corporate start-ups

More and more corporates conduct company building. In the initial phase, they usually rely on existing corporate staff or external resources. After a successful proof of concept and with the start of the roll-out, the establishment of an independent team begins, which must now be recruited. This recruiting of a completely new team usually poses great challenges for the parent company.

Viva la no-code

Software development is a diligent craft that results in numerous lines of code. This is especially unsuitable for company building, where a quick turnaround in testing prototypes with clients is crucial. A traditional software development project runs the risk of needing investment in lots of resources before the launch of the MVP. The solution for this issue is now supposed to be provided by so-called ‘no-code platforms’.

Sustainability measurement as an opportunity - focus on ESG standards

The topic of sustainability is booming like never before. Ignoring this important issue is now no longer an option for most companies. Particularly, since the European Commission published a draft for revised guidelines for corporate sustainability reporting in April, representing an enormous challenge for many companies.