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case studies

To provide insights into what we do and how we work, we’ve prepared more detailed case studies of some of our projects.
From an analogue network to a digital solution: development of a corporate start-up with an independent business model in the form of an enterprise sales SAAS
Kundenprojekt FAIA place
In-house company building at its best: with the right branding and digital strategy a sustainable lifestyle product becomes a sure-fire success in e-commerce.
Logo Case Study Two Next
From zero to hero in two months: agile and interdisciplinary prototyping and an optimised innovation process lead to a ready-to-use digital prototype for non-profit businesses.
A real allrounder: from the development of a digital business model, design sprints, IT dev and market test to a full mental health app.
Kundenprojekt Digando
Solving digital challenges with company building: development of an online platform with the market leader in rental construction machinery.
Innovation meets energy industry: how to use a customer-oriented business model to connect the best of both worlds – large corporations and independent start-ups.