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Starting Point

Two Next GmbH was founded by ERSTE Foundation and aims at fostering digital innovation and social inclusion in a digital context. Two Next supports non-profit organisations in the development of new digital solutions to solve everyday business problems. Two Next developed a sprint format that allows participating non-profit organisations to develop fully functional digital prototypes within a short timeframe.
A Fully Functional App Through Agile Prototyping Within 2 Months
V_labs V

V_labs approach

V_labs have been at the side of ERSTE Foundation since 2019, accompanying the building and realisation of their prototyping labs for social impact innovation. While the responsibility for the creation of new social innovations and content lies with Two Next and the NPOs, V_labs have been their actioning partner for digital applications in the lab runs of 2019 and 2020. Up to five NPO teams were supported at the same time in the first step of coming up with possible solutions. Our innovation coaches and UX designers used click dummies to achieve this. Then, together with our UI designers and IT developers, these click dummies were developed further. Following the sprint logic taken from the Scrum process, we had created fully functional digital prototypes within two months. Since then, the prototypes have been ready for use for clients of the participating non-profit organisations and are being developed even further outside of the programme.


Lab for prototyping social impact innovation

Finished prototypes for various new
digital solutions for NGOs

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