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Starting Point

Wien Energie recognises the need for a new business model. Although at this stage, they are neither sure about what this may look like exactly, nor where within the structure to put this business model – as an independent start-up or as part of the core business?
Client-Centred Business Model Development in a Corporate Environment
V_labs V

V_labs approach

V_labs analysed the market environment, talked to customers, conducted ideation workshops, and conceptualised the business model. We derived the organisational factors for success from this and developed various options for the organisational placement along the V_labs Venture Framework. All options in question were then discussed with the project leaders and the management of Wien Energie, paving the way for the realisation of the chosen model.


New and customer-centred business model

Organisation as co-operation between two companies

Efficient, targeted processes that combine the best of both worlds (corporate group & independence)

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